Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today I was informed in a Voice Recital class that I am actually going to be required to write a blog about my practice experience. I hope that what I was already planning to do will suffice for my Professor's very high standards.

This week has already turned out to be a phenomenal week. I got accepted into the Head of the Vocal Department's voice studio and I was admitted the USU Chamber Singers as a Freshman. But the daunting task of 2+ hours daily... I really have no clue how I will handle that. But it will have to be something I learn to do.

Piano is also one thing that scares me more than anything. I have never had any formal experience, but I am going to be required to pass a proficiency exam.

Already I am learning that a high school maturity of rehearsal is nowhere near the level that I am trying to achieve.  Here we are working to become professionals, and artists. A true statement is that every artist was once an amateur. Studying just like I am.  To face these challenges I am just going to keep a wrestling mentality, work until you can do it, and never give up.

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