Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Follow the Leader

While I understand that being a section leader gives you absolutely no power on the choir totem poll, it is still a decent amount of responsibility.
That is what I thought when I was assigned to be a quintet leader for our 40 voice piece.  What a wonderful idea! Make the freshman the leader!
Yeah I was choir president when I was in high school, but what did I do? Absolutely nothing.  It is a good thing that the other members in Chamber are also very talented musicians, because I do not think that I could manage many Taylors...

The mentality of rehearsal in Chamber is much higher than that of the former Chamber group I was a member in during high school.  There is not pointless banter, and it really adds to a positive rehearsal atmosphere.  The ability the members of the choir have to be able to switch genres at the drop of a hat is amazing.  I witnessed this as during rehearsal we went from singing Negro Spirituals to the Bee Gees.

The atmosphere of the Vocal Performance program also seems a lot less competitive than I imagined before coming to the University.  I have made some friends, from Jacob to "Tim the Bass."  While reconnecting with another vocalist of whom I went to high school with.  Everyone, at this point, seems to really care about the growth of each of their peers.  I was told that these other vocalists would become my best friends throughout college, and right now I am fine with that. There are some great people between the professors to the students.  I can't wait to really get started.

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